"Amatemi, adoratemi e poi gettatemi tra cocci e siringhe."


"E’ sincero il dolore di chi piange in segreto.”

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Fascism and baptisms.

been waiting for a cataclysm,

I’ve been running round in circles,

careful colors trapped in prison prisms.

And all the local cokeheads

are going broke with loose threads.

We’re all emptying our pockets

just to keep up with fake friends.

"I remember in rehab they used to say that every day is a new day, that every day you start over fresh. It hasn’t felt that way lately, though. I wake up everyday at noon and nobody has forgiven me. I stack hospital bracelets on my frail wrists like fine jewelry. I skip showering for the sake of lost time. I take a quick Chanel spritz bath and stumble into the afternoon sunlight.
Outside, the world is just as unforgiving. Everyone I love is either worried about me, embarrassed of me, or angry with me. I’m not alone though. I have my phone, tens of thousands of followers and readers, and Maria at the local gas station who doesn’t card me when I buy beer.
Gaining followers and losing friends.
In 2014 I’ve been dumped by girlfriends, friends, and family members. Nobody can keep up. Most nights, I’m sitting at a rooftop bar at bar close, coming to, and realizing that I am all alone with no ride home. Everyone has left me for booty calls and beauty sleep. Nobody can keep up. I stumble into taxis, trains, and black cars. I cry about lost credit cards.
I want nothing more than a loving embrace, but that has been gone for a while now. I’m getting hate-fucked. Not literally, really. Just in general. I am a pretty face and some funny words, building a career that fosters all but loving relationships.
Tomorrow, I’ll wake up and try again.”
Kris Kidd